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My Native Home cover art

My Native Home

Matt Brown


My Native Home is a remarkably diverse album that ranges from unaccompanied ballads to full-blown string band arrangements. The CD features collaborations with Brittany Haas, Ben Krakauer, Tim O'Brien, and Mark Schatz.

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Barrier Falls cover art

Barrier Falls



This dynamic and innovative fiddle band plays traditional music from North America, the UK and Ireland with fresh, modern interpretations, while also adding their own original songs and tunes to the traditional canon.

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Only Me

Kevin Neidig


The 5-String debut of a wonderfully talented singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. This is contemporary acoustic folk at its best.

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Away Down the Road

Craig Johnson


A delightful album from the man with the high voice from The Double Decker Stringband. Craig's third 5-String release, and first as a soloist, is a gem.

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Unsung Father of Country Music

Ernest V. Stoneman


Available now!

2-CD Box Set; Historical Reissue

Ernest V. Stoneman defined the formula of "three chords and the truth" and became the first rural singer/songwriter of the 20th century to record. This collection features 46 beautifully re-mastered performances of Stoneman and his circle of talented friends & family.

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Carol Elizabeth Jones


Available now!

With the release of her debut solo album, Carol Elizabeth Jones shows her abilities as a singer, songwriter, and band leader.

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Falls of Richmond

Matt Brown


November 18, 2008

Matt Brown proves to be a compelling multi-instrumentalist and singer with the release of this, his second album.

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Bowling Green

Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger


November 18, 2008

A beautiful collection of duets from these two icons of traditional music. A masterpiece!

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An Evening at WPAQ: 1984

Benton Flippen & Smokey Valley Boys:


November 18, 2008

This CD captures a memorable night of music with one of the South's most powerful string bands.

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It's About Time - CD Cover art

It's About Time

John Hoffmann & Mac Benford


It's About Time features features powerful musicians in their first recording together.

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Clifftop Notes Vol. 2 - Big Ears - CD Cover art

Clifftop Notes Vol. 2 - Big Ears

Mark Simos & Friends


Clifftop Notes Vol. 2 - Big Ears is the second volume of original old-time fiddle tunes composed and performed by Mark Simos.

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From Mali to America - CD Cover art

From Mali to America

Cheick Hamala Diabate & Bob Carlin


2008 Grammy Nominee "Best Traditional World Music Album"

Two master music makers -- one from Mali in West Africa, the other from the United States -- join together in a cross-cultural program that creates a musical dialogue between two traditions.

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Old-Time Fiddle Lesson, Vol. 1 - CD Cover art

Old-Time Fiddle Lesson, Vol. 1

Matt Brown


Old-Time Fiddle Lesson, Vol. 1 is an instructional recording with a dozen fiddle tunes each played at a slow and moderate tempo.

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Birdie - CD Cover art


Martin & Johnson


Birdie is the debut recording for Martin & Johnson -- a trio of seasoned old-time musicians.

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The Road To Agate Hill - CD Cover art

The Road to Agate Hill

Alice Gerrard, Gail Gillespie & Sharon Sandomirsky


This CD is largely inspired by elder musicians including Luther Davis, Roscoe Parrish, Enoch Rutherford, Charlie Acuff, and Tommy Jarrell. The recording is a complimentary link to Lee Smith's novel "On Agate Hill" (Algonquin Press).

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Pretty Crowin' Chicken - CD Cover art

Pretty Crowin' Chicken

The Rhythm Rats


The original release of Pretty Crowin' Chicken in 1994 (on Marimac Records 9061-C) garnered a number of glowing reviews, with the Old-Time Herald calling it "one of the essential recordings of old-time music."

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Red Clay Country - CD Cover art

Red Clay Country

Paul Brown


Paul Brown is one of today's most sought-after banjo players. This CD presents him front and center for the first time.

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On The Edge - CD Cover Art

On the Edge

The Cliffhangers


The Cliffhangers is a unique "campground band" formed by Mark Simos at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop).

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Clifftop Notes, Vol 1 - CD Cover Art

Clifftop Notes Vol 1.

Mark Simos & Friends


This CD is the first volume of tunes composed by fiddler Mark Simos at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop).

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CD cover art

Known for their Reputation

Hoover Uprights


The debut CD from the two-time winner of the Traditional Band Contest at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop).

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CD cover art

Old School, Mountain Style

Southern Schoolhouse Rascals


The debut CD of this fine old-time band from New York and Conneticut, feature strong singing by Gil Sayre and Dave Howard.

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The Rest Is Yet To Come

Double Decker Stringband


This is the long-awaited "next" recording from one of today's best old-time bands, reassembled as a quartet.

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Lone Prairie

Matt Brown


Debut CD by this young fiddler who deftly mixes standard and obscure fiddle tunes.

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In the Moment

Jane Rothfield


Jane exuberantly expands the old-time repertoire with a bunch of original tunes.

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Two Hands

Joe Newberry


Joe does it all; plays banjo, fiddle, guitar (one at a time) and sings -- includes 4 of Joe's orginal songs.

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Fresh Coat

Bob Herring & Rafe Stefanini


Bob and Rafe, together again in a sequel to their classic recording, "Old Paint."

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Over the Mountain

Kenny Jackson


Old-time musician Kenny Jackson plays and sings a wonderful collection of tunes and songs with some talented friends.

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Bluegrass Meadows

Rafe Stefanini


A delightful collection of solo old-time fiddle tunes from one of today's master fiddlers, Rafe Stefanini.

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