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Pretty Crowin' Chicken

The Rhythm Rats


After the Rhythm Rats' original release of Pretty Crowin' Chicken in 1994 (on Marimac Records 9061-C), it garnered a number of glowing reviews, with the Old-Time Herald calling it "one of the essential recordings of old-time music." The program of "wild and beautiful old fiddle tunes, driving dance music, ballads, banjo songs, and mountain blues", all rendered in the distinctive voice of the Rhythm Rats, ...became a classic "young fogies" recording that inspired and influenced many of today's gifted young players.

The Rhythm Rats consist of Kenny Jackson, fiddle, banjo, guitar, vocal; Paula Bradley, guitar, vocal; and Whitt Mead, banjo, fiddle, guitar.

Now 5-String Productions and the Rhythm Rats have made this recording available on CD. This recording has been digitally remastered from the original master recording out of the Marimac Recording archives.

This recording is made available under agreement with Marimac Recordings, Inc.



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