The Best in Acoustic Music Performance

Only Me

Kevin Neidig


Kevin Neidig is a bright new light on the contemporary folk scene. Though a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, Neidig has given us a remarkable national debut of original material set for specifically his guitar and voice. Called "Only Me," the album reveals an empathetic and insightful songwriter, a powerful singer, and a remarkably inventive guitar player. Kevin stands out as a both a musician and a singer-songwriter. His intricate guitar parts support and propel his wide-ranging songs. "Man Who Saved the World" is an intense tribute to Kevin's grandfather, a World War II veteran who passed away the same day that Kevin started making this album. "Easy to Be Beautiful," is an exuberant anthem for self-image, "Save Jesus," is a biting challenge to evangelism, and "All I Have," is a searing insight into addiction.

Track Listing