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Carol Elizabeth Jones - Cataloochee

Carol Elizabeth Jones


Carol Elizabeth Jones has established herself as a strong collaborator through her work with James Leva, Laurel Bliss and as a member of the Hopeful Gospel Quartet with Garrison Keillor. With the release of her debut solo album, Cataloochee, her vocal mastery and expression are fully revealed. This recording allows her singing to be the focus in the context of a great cast of supporting musicians. Cataloochee is a collection of a dozen songs about living, loving, and leaving life in the Appalachian region. Jim Miller and Paul Kovac both sing and play guitar, with Paul adding mandolin on a few cuts. Stefan Senders plays the banjo, Jed Greenberg the bass, and Matt Brown fiddles. The configurations vary from intimate duets to locomotive ensemble numbers with the full band.

Some of the songs are part of the traditional repertoire (Cotton-Eyed Joe and Nine Pound Hammer), but much of the album features a mixture of more contemporary material. Carol Elizabeth has penned two of the songs in addition to adding new lyrics to a Delmore Brothers song. Also included are songs by Billy Edd Wheeler, Steve Earle and Jimbeau Hinson, David and Olla Belle Reed, Lynn Davis and Jean Richie.

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