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Old-Time Fiddle Lesson, Vol. 1

Matt Brown


Old-Time Fiddle Lesson, Vol. 1 is an instructional CD by renowned teacher and performer of old-time fiddle, Matt Brown. The fiddle tunes included on this CD are authentic arrangements based on Matt's intimate knowledge of many great fiddlers. Old-Time Fiddle Lesson Vol. 1 includes a dozen fiddle tunes played at both a slow and moderate tempo. The first six tunes are in standard violin tuning (GDAE) and offer those new to the style a portal into old-time music without having to re-tune. Those tunes are: Ducks on the Millpond, Soldier's Joy, Backstep Cindy, Black Eyed Susie, Sugar Hill, and Jack Wilson. Duck River and Arkansas Traveler are played out of D tuning (ADAE), and Fire on the Mountain, Grub Springs, Sandy Boys and Old Joe Clark are played in

Old-Time Fiddle Lesson Vol. 1 is designed to be an effective tool for both students and teachers. For students, Old-Time Fiddle Lesson Vol. 1 is an essential learning aid to supplement instruction in oldtime fiddle. For violin teachers, Old-Time Fiddle Lesson Vol. 1 offers a fun and informed way to add new dimensions to teaching the instrument.

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