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Lone Prairie

Matt Brown


Lone Prairie is a collection of 18 traditional Appalachian tunes and songs. It is the debut for fiddler Matt Brown, who presents a range of material spanning from the common (Arkansas Traveler, Old Joe Clark) to the unusual (Cookhouse Joe, Three Forks of Reedy). Brown's fiddling is clean and powerful, quite well grounded in tradition, but also innovative and playful. He is joined by two veterans of traditional music, Paul Brown and Beverly Smith. Paul, who is no relation to Matt, plays a variety of old-time banjo styles masterfully. Beverly plays rhythm guitar and sings in a clear, unadorned voice.

Sing Out!, Fall 2006
"Matt Brown can take his place among the finest fiddlers of his generation"

Bluegrass Unlimited, August 2006
"Matt Brown is an old-time fiddler who has amassed quite an impressive musical resume. For his latest project, he has gathered some of his favorite Appalachian fiddle tunes...The extensive liner notes documenting the songs adds further luster to this first-class production. Anyone who appreciates authentic old-time fiddling would be well-advised to add "Lone Prairie" to their library"

The Old-Time Herald, August-September 2006
"This is a very tasty CD from the fine young old-time fiddler, Matt Brown...both Paul Brown and Beverly Smith provide perfect instrumental accompaniment for the central voice on this CD, Matt's fiddle...I don't see how these three fine musicians could have done a better job of this."

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